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  • Referral Rules
    Updated On: Feb 23, 2017


    Local Union 111, of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, has been proudly protecting the rights of working men and women for over one hundred years.  Since its Charter in 1907 when its membership was comprised of Linemen from the Denver Gas and Electric Company and Linemen from the Colorado Telephone Company, it has become the largest, most influential IBEW Local Union in the Eighth District (CO, WY, MT, UT, ID).  The diverse membership numbers over 3700 comprised of gas and electric production, distribution and transmission employees of: Public Service Company of Colorado, Poudre Valley REA, Intermountain REA, Morgan County REA, United Power, LaPlata Electric Association, Delta Montrose Electric Association, Southeast Colorado Power, Par Electrical Contractors, Sturgeon Electric Company, Balfour Beatty Rail Inc., Capital Electric Company, Dominion, Dynalectric, Henkels & McCoy, Hooper Corporation, Intermountain Electric, JAMM Electric, Michels, MJ Electric, New River Electric, Northwestern Electric, Pine Valley Power, Rosendin Electric,

    St. Andrews Electric, Selcon Utility, W.A. Chester, Ward Electric, and many others.

    By signing the Available-for-Work List, you are indicating your interest in receiving representation from one of the most powerful and progressive labor organizations in North America and will have the advantage of the protection and benefits of an IBEW Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    Registration will take place on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October.  You will be registered for work for the quarter in which you sign only, and as of the first working day of the following quarter your name will be removed from the List unless you indicate your continuing interest by following the Hiring Hall Rules regarding “Roll Call.” Manpower Requests are assigned to the first qualified applicant, in order of registration.

    Once you have accepted employment by referral from the Available-for-Work List you will be required to pay an Admission Fee within a specific time period.  The amount of the fee and the time period may vary as dictated by the specific language in the contract under which you will work.

    Colorado is not a right to work state; therefore, you will be obligated to pay your fair share of the expense of representation by the Local Union (a non-profit organization subject to federal audit), or pay an equal share as an Agency Fee Payer to support the Collective Bargaining process. Once you have become a member, you will have certain rights and obligations, which are the foundation of our great organization.  Generally, the cost of dues is less than what you are accustomed to paying for health insurance premiums; usually paid for in IBEW Contracts, along with pension and various other benefits of membership in the IBEW. You will have the opportunity to progress in the industry by taking advantage of available Apprenticeships or upgrade training provided to you for the cost of your monthly dues enabling you to earn while you learn.

    Thank you for your interest in the IBEW.


    All bargaining unit new hires must join the Union or pay an equal share as an Agency Fee Payer to support the Collective Bargaining process within a prescribed amount of time, identified by law from their date of hire. The admission fee for “A” type membership is $52.00.

    Monthly dues for “A” members are $43.70, payment is due on the first day of each month.  Monthly dues payments are a personal responsibility.  No reminder will be sent.  Any member found to be in excess of three (3) months in arrears will be sent a letter informing them that they are being charged a reinstatement fee of $30.00 plus all past dues to date.  Arrearage in excess of six (6) months will result in a letter being mailed to their employer requiring the employee’s immediate termination.

    A 1.9% working assessment is automatically deducted from each “A” member’s gross pay.  These funds are paid directly to the Local Union by the Employer and are the financial base for the operation of the Local Union.

    Each new member will be requested to attend a New Member Orientation class by the Agent in Charge.






    Please read the following items carefully. The information contained herein will help you understand the process and may save you from experiencing problems.

    1.   All opportunities for work placed by contractors throughout the day will be recorded on the Job Line at (303) 398-7377Call the Job Line to hear about the available opportunities for work.  This can be done nightly after 5:00 p.m. or on the webpage at www.ibew111.com.

    2.   Work will be offered in the order the applicants appear on the Available-for-Work List and according to the Group under which they are registered.

    3.   In order to accept work, applicants must indicate their intent to accept the available position on that day with the qualifications outlined in the Manpower Request by leaving a message at 303-398-7348, or being present at Local Union 111's Denver office by 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, holidays excluded.  Any applicant that accepts a position by telephone and does not respond when contacted by the Local Union will be rolled to the end of the Available-for-Work List and the Local Union will go to the next qualified applicant.

    Therefore, unemployed applicants are able to contact the Dispatch Line if interested in a Manpower Request, the applicants must leave all vital information (i.e. classification, qualifications requested, as well as a phone number where they can be reached).  Based on an applicant’s position on the Available-for-Work List, beginning at 8:00 a.m. the Local Union will make the position available to the highest qualified applicant.  This allows an applicant the opportunity to accept a Manpower Request for limited positions without having to travel to the Denver Local Union office.

    Dispatch is designed to be completed by 10:00 a.m. daily. The Local Union will fill all calls as soon as possible, Local applicants who are traveling will have an opportunity to accept a position when it has not been filled within the first forty eight (48) hours, coordination will be done with the contractors to fill the open position.

    4.   Once an applicant qualifies for, requests and is granted Group I status in any Local Union, they shall retain that status in the Local Union and shall not be required to re-qualify unless they qualify for, request and are granted Group I status in another Local Union.  If that situation occurs, the applicant would have to re-qualify for Group I status in any previous Local Union(s) in which he enjoyed Group I status.

    5.   No applicant presently employed in the outside electrical industry within the jurisdiction of Local Union 111 will be allowed to sign the Available-for-Work List. 

    1. Anyone on leave-of-absence or temporary layoff from an employer, who goes to work for another employer in the electrical industry, will have their leave-of-absence revoked immediately.

    1. Anyone on leave-of-absence from a signatory contractor will be considered as being employed.
    2. Anyone on leave-of-absence or temporary layoff from an employer, who goes to work for another employer in the electrical industry, will have their leave-of-absence revoked immediately.

    1. Anyone on leave-of-absence from a signatory contractor will be considered as being employed.

    1. You may only sign for one classification; however, you may sign any Book for which you are qualified,

    plus the Communications Book. Individuals wishing to register on IBEW Local Unions 44 and 57’s Available-for-Work List may ask to have their information forwarded to those Local Unions. Maintaining availability will require compliance with each Local 44 and Local 57’s Hiring Hall Rules.

    1. Due to the inherent hazardous nature of the work performed under various agreements, and to maintain applicants have the necessary skills required by the employer, applicants for skilled positions (i.e. Lineman, Equipment Operator, Traffic Tech, etc.) will be required to provide proof of experience prior to referral in the desired classification. Qualifications required will be provided to the applicant upon request.

    1. Signing the Available-for-Work List shall be allowed on regular working days from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. any working day during the month. Additionally, individuals may sign the Available-for-Work List through the sign-up link on the website at www.ibew111.com. By signing the Available-for-Work List for any classification you are registered and available for work for the current quarter only.  Applicants shall sign the Available-for-Work List in the appropriate Book for which they are qualified.

    Anyone desiring to sign the Available-for-Work List shall present:

    1. IBEW Official Dues Receipt (if applicable).
    2. Termination Form (if that person has been working in Local 111’s jurisdiction).
    3. Any other evidence of experience or residency to ensure proper registration.

    1. The Available-for-Work List will be purged quarterly by means of a Roll Call conducted on the first working day of each quarterRoll Call days will be conducted on the first working days of:  January, April, July, and October. Roll Call is held at 8:00 a.m. in Hall 1 of the Local 111 Denver office located at 5965 E. 39th Avenue and shall be conducted as follows:

    1. Starting precisely at 8:00 a.m., the Business Agent, starting with Book #1, will call the names of the people in the Journeyman Lineman classification who are on the Available-for-Work List in the order in which they originally signed the list.  Roll Call will be delayed until 8:30 a.m. on days of bad weather where conditions may result in unusually long travel time to reach the Local 111 Denver office.

    1. This same procedure will be followed for all other published classifications referred by the Local Union from Book 1.

    1. The Business Agent shall then go through Book 2, 3, 4, and the Communications Book using the same procedure as previously described.

    1. Anyone not present when his or her name is called, will lose their place on the list and will not be permitted to sign the list until the Roll Call is completed, except:

    1)  “Registrants” may retain their original place on the Books by providing an E-MAIL to dispatch@ibew111.org, or submit a FACSIMILE to (303) 282-7180 to the Local Union, which must include the registrant’s name, classification, card number (if applicable), type of Driver’s License (i.e. regular, CDL Class and any endorsements), book number and current phone number in the letter.  Such requests shall only be recognized when received no earlier than the last week of the month preceding January, April, July, and October. E-Mails or Facsimiles received the day of Roll Call will be added to the bottom of the list in the order they are received.

    1. Local Union 111 members who are not working in Local 111’s jurisdiction shall be entered on the Available-for-Work List if they are out-of-town by using any of the provisions described above.

    1. Traveling IBEW members (not of Local 111) not working within this jurisdiction may be entered on the Available-for-Work List, if they are not working in the outside electrical industry, by their Home Local Union Representative.  The information should be submitted on the Local Union’s letterhead, signed by a Representative and should state the Registrant’s name, classification, card number (if applicable), type of Driver’s License (i.e. regular, CDL Class and any endorsements), Book number

    and current telephone number where they may be reached.  Travelers may also register via the www.ibew111.com website or in person.

    1. When an applicant goes to work in the outside electrical industry within the jurisdiction of Local Union 111, their name shall be removed from the Available-for-Work List except when referred on a temporary job of eighty (80) hours or less. If terminated due to a Reduction-In-Force before they have worked eighty (80) hours or less, they shall retain their position on the Available-for-Work List.

    1. After being referred to work for an Employer, you are responsible to pay an Admission Fee as outlined

    in the Local Union Bylaws, and within the timelines afforded by State and Federal law.  There will be NO refunds.

    1. When you accept your first job dispatched through the Union Hall you will be filling out membership and benefit forms, so please bring the following items with you:
    • Driver’s License
    • Marriage License (if applicable)
    • Social Security Numbers for wife and children (if applicable)
    • Children’s Birth Certificates (if applicable)
    • Choose a Beneficiary, have their social security number, telephone number, and their date of birth

    Please plan to go to the employer’s main office after you complete the described paperwork at the Union Hall.  Have work boots, long sleeve shirt, work gloves and transportation.

    All of our Contractors perform pre-employment Drug Testing.  If you believe this will be a problem please, Do Not waste your time or ours.

    Line Equipment Operators and Groundman shall be required to provide themselves with the following list of tools:  9” Klein type cutting pliers, hammer (not to exceed 32 oz.), 12” crescent wrench and 12’ tape measure.

    You are strongly encouraged to attend the first Union Meeting to take the Oath of Obligation and become aware of the benefits afforded to you as a member of the IBEW.

    Welcome!  This completes your initiation into IBEW, Local Union 111. 


    Sean P. McCarville

    Business Manager/Financial Secretary         


    Revised 3/25/2014

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